Property development finance

Australia’s population is growing at a fast pace

With the population of Australia growing and the demand for housing (and other properties) often outstripping supply, the construction of more housing is required to meet Australia’s need.

So what is the solution? It is obvious really, we need more development. We need private individuals or companies/entities to develop or re-develop Australia’s landscape to accommodate our growing population and demand for property.

Making a property development project happen

You may be a smart operator and have identified some real development opportunities but unless you are already super rich you are going to need finance to make your project happen. This can be where some would be developers and even experienced developers come unstuck leaving their potential project as just a dream or worse (potentially much worse) if they committed without securing the finance in advance.

Getting property development finance approved

Getting your property development funding approved does not have to be a problem if the project has real merit. However, banks and other lenders can be extremely risk averse if there are some unresolved problems and end up rejecting your proposal or giving you conditions that you just can’t meet.

So what is the solution? Using an finance broker with experience getting development project finance approved can be a valuable asset to your team of property development professionals (along with your architect, builder, lawyer, project manager etc..).

Want to know more about the factors that impact on funding approvals?

Find out how to get your property development approved.

Do you have a development project that you need to finance?

Contact a property development finance broker.


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