Australian property price gains remain strong – Aug 2015

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Australian property capital gains remain strong in Sydney and Melbourne – Aug 2015

Despite bubble talk from some media commentators the property price gains remain strong in Sydney and more so Melbourne – Aug 2015. If you were waiting for housing prices to drop in Sydney or Melbourne the latest data shows that it looks like you may have made the wrong decision. Demand for property in Australia’s largest and future largest cities remains strong. House price data from Corelogic PRData  monthly values – 31 July 2015 shows that “% Change Month on Month” unit prices were up by 3.23% in Sydney and up by 3.18% in Melbourne. Furthermore, house prices were up 3.32% in Sydney and up 5.12% in Melbourne, month on month. Rather than being dampened, surprisingly the data shows that property price gains in Sydney and more so Melbourne appear to be gaining speed. Melbourne price growth looks to be starting to catch up with Sydney’s.

Auction clearance rates over the last week (25 Jul – 1 Aug 2015) in Australia’s two largest cities show a similar picture with both Sydney and Melbourne having clearance rates at 79% according to the APM Market Reports on Real Estate listing site

What about the changes some banks have made reducing maximum loan to value ratios for investors?

The changes in bank lending for investors does not appear to have had a dampening impact on property prices. There are still lenders that are providing 95% LVR investment loans and competitive interest rate, fees and feature packages. Furthermore, if you have equity from the already owned property price gains then you probably don’t need a higher LVR.

What about the interest rate rises for investors that some banks have made?

So far the interest rate rises that have been made by some banks have been modest. Investors must find the increase in interest rate insignificant compared to the capital gains that are being seen in Sydney and Melbourne. I wonder how much interest rates need to rise by before the current rate of capital gains becomes unattractive? Furthermore, there are still lenders out there that are under the Government Banking Regulator’s (the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority – APRA) ‘magic number’ of 10% maximum allowed growth in investment lending and are more than happy to lend to investors. Investors can still get interest only investment loans in the low four percent range and even when borrowing over $1million. Note, you will need to meet the lender’s eligibility criteria. This information is correct at time of writing, the market is in a constant state of change. Check with us if in doubt.

What is the major limitation on borrowing now?

As previously mentioned the big losers from the new bank measures are first home buyers that want to enter the property market by buying an investment property. If you are a First home buyer looking to enter the property market as an investor to take advantage of the rent and negative gearing to help with the payments you may be interest in a guarantor home loan.

If you already own well located property in Sydney or Melbourne that was purchased some time ago you probably have access to some equity in your property. This equity can be used for a deposit on an investment property.

The major limitation on borrowing is then your borrowing capacity. The Government Regulator crackdown also included getting some banks to tighten up their borrowing capacity calculators and policy to make it more difficult to demonstrate your ability to make repayments if interest rates rise. The some banks have now changed how they consider rental income, living allowance and other some aspects in considering your ability to repay a loan. Want to maximise your borrowing power? Ask you what you can do and how you can do it, when you enquire with one of our mortgage brokers for a mortgage.

What is the solution for investors looking to borrow?

Looking to borrow to invest in the Sydney, Melbourne or other property markets? Ask one of our mortgage brokers about getting an investment loan with flexible borrowing capacity requirements, access to higher LVRs and competitive interest rate, fee and feature package. Note: this information is correct at time of writing, the market is in a constant state of change. Check with us if in doubt.

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The post Australian property price gains remain strong – Aug 2015 appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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