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Are you a property investor?

investment property loanProperty investors use credit differently than non-investors. Often property investors want to maximise their borrowing power to maximise their exposure to the property market. This can mean that the lender needs to be selected carefully and not just on price (interest rate and fee costs) or features. Certain lenders allow greater amount of rental income or other income types for serviceability, others have lower assessment interest rates. Certain lenders also have delegated underwriting authority for loan to value ratios above 80%, this can make them more flexible in assessing your loan application than if it also needs to be approved by the lenders mortgage insurer.

Make sure that you match the correct lender and loan for your investment strategy.

Do you want to make sure that your investment property loans are structured correctly from the start?

Loans for property investors often require different structuring set ups than a typical home loan for an owner occupier home loan.

If you set up your loan structure incorrectly you can spend a lot of money whenever you want to borrow more or spend a lot of time and effort trying to untangle you loan portfolio.

Do you want to maximise your tax deductible interest and minimise your non tax deductible interest?

This can change the actual cost to you. We can help you to structure your investment property loans correctly.

Do you want to maximise your borrowing power so you can buy more investment properties?

Knowing which lenders to use and the order to use them in can make a big difference in your borrowing power. Property investors often want to maximise their valuations to release equity from property they already own. Different lenders use different valuation processes and companies this can have a large impact on the valuation of your property and the amount of equity that you can release to fund further investment property purchases. Property investors typically also want to maximise their loan serviceability. Of particular importance is the lenders consideration of rental income (as some lenders discount rental income and others do not) and the lenders stress testing of interest rates of your existing investment property loans when calculating serviceability for your next investment property loan. These are some of the factors that need to be considered so that you can continue to grow your property portfolio.   Contact a mortgage broker from Oak Laurel to find out what we can do for you.

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