Looking for a Perth Mortgage Broker?


Which Perth Mortgage broker should you choose?
The Answer Oak Laurel.

As a Perth mortgage broker, we here to help Perth residents to get more and better choices for their finance. Oak Laurel mortgage brokers in Perth have excellent customer service, we are here to serve you and your needs! Your Oak Laurel mortgage broker will do all the leg work comparing different loan options from different Banks and lenders. Your broker will then present the different options to you so that you can make an informed choice about your loan. We will then help you to apply to the lender and follow up through your loan settlement. Oak Laurel brokers even follow up after your loan is settled to make sure that you continue to get the a great deal on your loan now and into the future!

Did you know that Oak Laurel are independently owned? Some mortgage brokers are part owned by a big bank. These mortgage brokers also seem to have a limited number of lenders on their panel. This restricts your choice of loans. Do you think that this is good for the customer? Don’t risk missing out on a better loan, use a mortgage broker like Oak Laurel that has a wide range of lender on their panel and is NOT owned by a big bank.