Mortgage Broker Melbourne

People in Melbourne looking for a mortgage will have observed that there are many options on the market today. With so many options it is difficult to know which option to choose that will be right for your situation and needs.

Oak Laurel’s qualified professional mortgage brokers can assist borrowers with comparing the different loans available that meet their objectives.

There are many types of borrowers and many types of loans. Oak Laurel can assist most people no matter what they are looking for.

First Home Buyers

As a first home buyer the process of purchasing and financing a home loan can be exciting and sometimes stressful.

Using a mortgage broker is a particularly good choice for first home buyers as a good mortgage broker can help explain the different options and the process of getting the loan and guide them through the process.


Property Investors

Property investors often like to use a mortgage broker as they want to find either very competitive rates, maximise their borrowing power, use a lender that allows a high loan to value ratio, structure multiple loans to provide for flexibility or a combination of these and other aspects. Because a mortgage broker can utilise multiple lenders they can assist the property investor across all of their loans.

Self employed borrowers

Many self employed people end up with the wrong loan when they go to the bank because the bank branch staff are not informed about how to lodge a full doc loan for a self employed person. Unfortunately, some broker are also uninformed and push self employed borrowers to low doc loans when they could be getting a better loan with a full doc loan.

Bad credit borrowers

Some people end up with bad credit due to unforeseen circumstances. Job loss, inability to work, divorce or break up among other things can all lead to a good person having bad credit. Oak Laurel can assist good borrowers that have bad credit to get a home loan.

This is just a small amount of the services that Oak Laurel can assist you with. Talk to Oak Laurel’s melbourne mortgage brokers about your finance needs.

As your finance specialist, Oak Laurel mortgage brokers provide you with a comparison of suitable loan options and assist you through applying for your loan.

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