Oak Laurel Mortgage Brokers in Brisbane


Why use a mortgage broker? Because we do all the legwork for you. You get expert advice from a professional when finding the right mortgage for your needs. Furthermore, we do not charge you for your service for most home loans!

Expert advice from a mortgage professional.
Competitive interest rates.
Stress free and easy.
Free service for most home loans.

Oak Laurel’s mortgage brokers in Brisbane do not charge you to arrange your home loan. Our brokers are paid a commission by the lender you choose for your loan. Don’t worry the commissions fully disclose to you.

Our goal is to save you money on your mortgage and get you the mortgage that meets your needs not and into the future.

We specialise in certain kinds of lending. We can assist people with unusual circumstances, we get the hard loans approved. For example we can help:

  • People on permanent and temporary visas, like 457 visas get a home loan or investment loan.
  • People with unusual employment or income circumstances, self employed, casual employees, contractors, second jobs, pension or government benefits get a home loan or investment property loan
  • People with bad credit history such as paid or unpaid defaults, part 9 agreements, court judgement and writs or discharged bankruptcies get a home loan.
  • Property investors maximise their borrowing capacity and or loan to value ratio up to 90% or 95%.
  • and much much more!!


Oak Laurel can also arrange commercial finance.

  • Commercial property loans
  • Property development finance
  • Business operating finance
  • Plant and equipment finance

Our local Brisbane broker will make your loan application and pleasant and satisfying one. Contact Oak Laurel’s Brisbane mortgage broker team to arrange your finance.