Private Equity for Property Development

A property developer that does not have enough equity for their development project may require an equity partner to contribute funds to the project. The equity partner will assist in financing your development project for a set percentage of the project’s profits. Oak Laure’s specialists have established partnerships across the private and institutional sectors, property trusts and high net-worth clients. We can assist property developers to obtain funding across a broad range of property sectors.
Our specialists have successfully procured this type of private equity property development funding for many clients. Ask what we can do for you.

Successfully raising equity for large development projects can be difficult and complicated.

There is a vast range of options available to the property developer seeking to reduce financial risk or lower equity requirements. There are no guidelines to determine how much equity should cost or how it should be structured. That is where Oak Laurel can assist property developers. We have specialists that understand these complex matters, and provided a service to uncomplicate and address equity issues. We can source equity offers from multiple sources for each project to provide our clients a wide range of choices.