A land development loan is finance to fund a property developer to subdivide a property into smaller allotments for on-sale. Once the land has been subdivided the property developer may choose to sell some lots and hold onto others for further development. 

The process of obtaining a finance for land subdivision can be complicated especially for large projects. Oak Laurel can assist can assist developers, builders and other construction professionals to obtain and structure finance.

Funding can be on a Land Development Cost or Gross Realisation Value basis.

Our specialists can assist with all types of projects including residential, commercial, rural and industrial developments:

  • Small or large subdivisions;
  • Strata titles, torrens titles, community subdivisions;
  • Physical improvements
  • Acquisitions;
  • Residential, commercial or industrial units;
  • Underground works;
  • Spec houses.

Banks are limited to smaller amounts of financing for undeveloped property and usually will not cover all of your development costs. Therefore, you may need private funding options. Our specialists can assist you with a range of funding options including bank and non-bank lenders, equity and private funders or a combination of them. For an attractive project, we may be able help you to obtain equity partners to fund up to 100% of your land subdivision project.

Talk to one of our specialists about getting your land development project funded.